Saturday, May 27, 2017

How to reorganize your wardrobe watch

credit/source: and Blossom 1. Organize men/women's underwear by overlapping one to another then place them in an empty pull up wipes box or container. 2.By adjusting to the height and width of the drawer cut it to along strip then glue it put them together voila you have divider for your underwear. 3. HOW TO FOLD T-SHIRTS FAST AND TO LESS STUFFS TO HANG 4. Before recycling or throw your empty soda can get the tab then use them for additional space for hangers. 5. How to fold and hang a sweater using a hanger. 6. Slipping shirts on hanger w/out indention then wrap a rubber band at the end of both side voila no more falling down. 7. Proper care of your high or medium high boots by inserting poodle of card board by rolling it then it will stand straight.