Thursday, December 26, 2013

I just want to greet Everyone and my friends a Happy Holidays. I just want to share my experiences this coming Holiday Seasons. Got so busy in cleaning up, cooking for the Christmas eve  and for the visiting relatives during Christmas day.. For the coming New Year, I think it will go just the same activities.
 I hope to go shopping in Mall of Asia in Pasay City this coming weekends together with some members of my Family, if I have the time to fit it on my schedule ha ha .. I can go with my children it is so difficult to be magbusybisihan kaya..
 I want to thank the girlfriend of my eldest son, sisters-in-law one in the USA whom her son arrived from the states pasalubong of lots of chocolates but the balikbayan boxes has just arrived since he is staying in a relative's condominium(penthouse) nearby in Roxas Blvd., he has not yet opened the boxes just recently just when it was forwarded ahead of his departure and also my other sister-in-law whom her husband just arrived from Qatar in which gave us a lot of pasalubongs for me, my husband and children aside from their Christmas gifts. I wish to take pictures of pasalubongs of Chocolates,chocolates with alcohol filling inside, coffee,pistachio nuts among others but I am shy to post it because it looks like I am boasting it as if I don't when I made an article or writing about this to post today but I also feel like I am writing a journal of my happy experiences during this 2013 Christmas day when I get to read this I would remember this is how I feel or a memory lane to remember but then I just feel so overwhelmed although we always experienced this every year during this Holiday Seasons or when my friends arrived from other countries they gave also pasalubongs. I felt uneasy when I posted about this but I still pushed through posting it to be my journal when a lot of happening comes into my life I want to give a space for this kind of happy feeling of mine, life is too short for as long you are thankful and appreciative even for a simple greetings,greeting cards and with a smile I am happy for those who remember me in any occasion. Actually, I have wallets -almost a collection I received from friends and now added a new one.
Actually, I am very thankful and grateful for these gifts and the privilege to receive from friends and relatives all these years.

Thank you Lord for having the chance to receive all these things and love from friends and relatives. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all who follow and read my blog and written articles. Have a Fruitful and Prosperous New Year of 2014 -Everybody