Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nature's Eye -1st Anniversary

I would like to thank and greet my friends, followers and everybody who in anyway inspires me to write and in by chance to read my posted articles. I made a new image on my header in time for my First year in Blogging again. I tried before writing a blog but it failed because I do not have the will to continue what I started until I tried and started a new and fresh page of blog which is entitled Nature's Eye. I got jitters again when I do not know what else to write about /when I ran out of topic or idea. I will be happy and contented if I can write or post at least 50,100,150,200 and counting but now I hope to continue inspiring, informing my readers and to develop my writing skills. It is not a joke to edit your own work. I never knew that whatever you write or say can make an impact on somebody until I tried it. It comes with responsibility. Posting one after the other as I realized is not my cup of tea because I feel it loses its substance unless there is a need for example on the articles about the story behind the crying cop and the story will not be complete if I did not post a foreigner who berated the cop and then when the foreigner realized what he did to the cop, he wrote an open letter to the crying cop and  when he was about to leave the Philippines he was held in the airport until such time he was allowed to leave the airport by the immigration officers the next day flying back to his country. I think it is one of my accomplishments in my one year of writing blog  I feel  fulfilled when I posted the articles with the both sides of the coin/story to the end.
 Happy 1st Anniversary to Nature's 

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This picture was taken last year while walking on the pavement going to the mall  that I was about to cross the street when I met on the street a
 St. Bernard,
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where everyone wanted to take picture. Such a lovely and sweet creature. The owner said he loves to be the center of attraction that who wants to be taken picture with him. If nobody greeted him he will be sad when he gets home. and one thing the owner of this type of breed of dog emphasized just FYI, that a St. Bernard is not good for home security because they do not bark to strangers. I forgot to ask his name since a lot of people were lined up to take picture.