Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Erase Stretch Marks

How to Erase Stretch Marks

Some people are desperate to find a way to erase stretch marks. Many people, especially women, see their stretch marks as unsightly and embarrassing, so it's no surprise that there are so many stretch mark removal products and procedures available. However, some of these stretch mark removal treatments are pricey and ineffective, or work only on certain types of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are actually deep scars and have two main causes: physical and hormonal. Physical causes are typically sudden weight gain, weight loss or growth spurts of some kind. This extreme stretching of the skin can damage the skin fibres, causing them to tear. Stretch marks can also develop as a result of long-term steroid use or diseases such as Cushing's. There's few ways to completely erase stretch marks, but there are some treatments available that will help you significantly reduce their appearance. Read on to learn more about how to erase stretch marks.

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      Take steps to prevent stretch marks. The key to keeping your skin clear of stretch marks is prevention, because there are very few stretch mark removal treatments that will be able to adequately and completely clear up your skin. It's recommended that when pregnant or developing that you keep your skin properly moisturized. Of course, for some people, it's simply impossible to completely prevent stretch marks completely. But keeping your skin moisturized will go a long way and typically helps most people in staving off the development of scar tissue.
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      Exfoliate your skin to erase stretch marks. Some people may notice significant improvement in the appearance of stretch marks when they exfoliate and remove the top dead layers of skin. Make sure to use a moisturizer after exfoliating.

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          Use stretch mark remover creams and lotions to erase stretch marks. These are usually most effective on new stretch marks; those that have been on your skin for many years typically may not respond to these removal creams. AHA, or alphahydroxy acid, is one of the most popular solutions developed to treat stretch marks.
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          Try laser treatments or skin peels to reduce the appearance of older stretch marks. These stretch mark removal treatments are typically much more effective than the usual creams or exfoliaters, but they also can be quite painful. Talk to a doctor or dermatologist to learn more about these treatments.
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          Try cosmetic surgery to completely erase stretch marks, or at least get rid of their appearance significantly. This is probably one of the most radical methods of treatment, but also one of the most -- if not the most -- effective. While it's impossible to repair the damaged scar tissue, the surgeon can pull the skin taut to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in the affected area.
          Note: when using any creams,treatment be under supervision of your doctor.