Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Be a blessing to others. Does it need to be financial? Is it just someone as a family, fri sometimes a friend sharing his/her time,a stranger sitting beside you who is lending his/her ears listening to your sentiments, complains, painful experiences such as being brokenhearted, being alone, being sad, being left behind, being unsuccessful or much more being being broke... But then do not be a burden to others as himself/herself might be also going through a difficult journey.
Whatever the reason and whenever it happens to anybody there will be somebody always be there in extending their hands to help and guide you as well as just patting your shoulder while saying everything will be alright or do not lose hope and keep on praying and there is always a tomorrow even the sun has to rise and set each day so everybody has the chance to be happy, successful, and to be with someone else who deserves to be your partner/companion.Then just maybe money does not matter. But then again do the goodwill that has been done to you by others, you may do the same to others so it will multiply of doing good deeds.No matter how little or magnitude in volume it is still a blessing.