Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ways to Change your Wardrobe watch. Tips good for celebrities.

credit/source: and Blossom

1. Unused and old pajamas or cotton pants without zipper to fold into half, get a scissors to cut a small portion at the crotch /behind area of pants then turn it into a shirt or blouse.

2. The strap of shoulder crop top can be reserved from left to right and right to left to make it into another style like style for night out with friends just put on a jacket .

3. An unused huge shirts or blouse stitch or sew both sleeves to become a pocket then you can make a tube dress.

4. Too painful yet beautiful for Tiis Ganda unused closed shoes try to fill a Ziploc plastic with water slip into the shoes kindly wrap it with another plastic the pair of shoes if you plan to put it in a freezer for this method to expand the size,

5. How to secure a shoulder-less blouse from slipping or wardrobe malfunction? By inserting  two safety pins in rubber bands for both side then pin them  from underarm to about an inch before the hem of the blouse on top so it will not slip. Slip your arms in each rubber band together with the sleeve.

6.  Just use paper clip or safety pin to the straps at the back of the bra to make it disguise with the  kind of shirts you are wearing.if you do not own that bra for that purpose.

7. Use a dental floss or thread long enough to pull the zipper up.

My Note: just ignore my wrong term if any to the to the type of blouse or shirt or pants even the way i describe the method. All in all just watch the video.thanks.