Thursday, August 3, 2017

Getting Trouble of Jeans? Emergency Solution and hack Watch

credit/source: and Blossom Note: Some says because either you lose weight or gain weight are the reasons the jeans pants malfunction but the other reason is getting too confortable tothis jeans that most iften than not you wear that particular item than you have in your closet, so it wears and tears. Here are the instructions to achieve these style and solution. Materials: Scissors Click to buy Thread and needle sewing kit Click to buy Pins Click to buy Key ring Click to buy Safetyy pin Click to buy Elastic band Click to buy Sand paper Click to buy Craft knife Click to buy Hair tie Click to buy Instructions: Broken zipper? Step 1: Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out a small portion of the zipper teeth. Step 2: Put the zipper back on the track and then zip it up. Step 3: Sew the zipper tracks just above the section where you cut. Shorten your jeans without cutting Step 1: Fold the hem up. Step 2: Pin the hem in place. When you’re pinning, make sure to line up the side of your jeans. Step 3: Take pin out while you sew the jeans. Step 4: Unfold the jeans. Zipper coming undone? Step 1: Use a key ring to hold your zipper up! How to make your jeans tighter Step 1: Cut the part of the jean waist as shown below. Step 2: Put safety pin to the end of the elastic band. Step 3: Insert elastic band into the jeans. Step 4: Sew them. How to find your size without trying on? Step 1: Put your arm inside the jeans as shown below. Easy way to upgrade your jeans Step 1: Cut where you want to make holes. Step 2: Scratch the jeans with sandpaper. Step 3: Wash and dry your jeans. Hard to reach button? Step 1: Tie a hair tie to the hole and secure with button. And then zipper it up! credit/source: