Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ways to Upgrade your bathroom for Less Watch

credit/source: and Blossom

 Materials: Steel plate Photo frame Wrapping paper Tape Glue gun PVC pipe Oven mitt Fabrics Yarn Make-up remover tissue Magnets Scissors Spoon Instructions: No space for cosmetic supplies?
 Step 1: Lay the wrapping paper under the steel plate on a flat surface.
 Step 2: Wrap the steel plate. Make sure to secure with tape.
 Step 3: Get a photo frame and take the glass out.
 Step 4: Put the wrapped plate in the frame. Step 5: Get plastic organizers and glue the magnets.
 Step 6: Put the organizers on the plate.

Hair drier and straightener case.
Step 1: Get a PVC pipe and paint your pipe if you desire!

DIY Toilet paper holder
 Step 1: Get two fabric, and glue them together.
 Step 2: Pull yarn through.
 Step 3: Secure it to the toilet paper holder.

 Easy way to clean sink?
 Step 1: Recycle your make-up remover tissue to clean the sink.

DIY Plunger Case
 Step 1: Recycle vinegar bottle! Draw the line as shown below and cut the bottle.
 Step 2: Cut the top of the bottle as shown below to hold the plunger.

 Trash can hack!
 Step 1: Put multiple plastic bags into the trash can.

 Do not touch toilet seat
 Step 1: Glue the spoon to the toilet seat.