Friday, July 14, 2017

Reorganize your wardrobe 2 watch

credit/source: and 5-Minute Crafts

1. Brassiere organizer to maintain its form by inserting a screw fit enough to hook the next wooden hanger.

2. There is other way to fold a shirt by folding on the sizing up of a money bill currency that you have then fold.

3. There is another way of folding by inserting a small sized clipboard or cardboard  to a shirt as guide. Remove the guide to folding when you are done. It is also better to teach your children this method while they are still young or even on older child.

4. On a Cardboard drawer divider cut it into four equal sizes by using scissors. After you cut it pile them together write a line about an inch or an inch and a half then slice by following the line that you wrote. Insert one cut out cardboard that you sliced. And if you wish just insert to each square empty toilet papers cardboard stick them together then you may place your underwear or boxer's shorts to each cylinder or you can make a cylinder out of a cardboard whichever is available.

5. In each shower ring place your scarves and hang or hook the rings together in a hanger to make a Shower Ring Scarf hanger.

6. Standing up a Straight boots just insert an old magazine to each pair.

7. As usual there is the pull up tab for can opener remove it to the empty can wash it fo course first before inserting to a hook hanger to add as additional space for another clothing to save much space in your wardrobe.

8. Wrap a rubber to each side of the hanger so your top clothing will not glide.

9. There are times you have to keep and store a coat to a empty box, container and sometimes you have to bring it after you  have to remove the coat after the event. This is one way to fold a Coat or jacket for suit. Reverse or put inside out one side of the arm of a coat until the shoulder pad but the other side of the arm will remain as it is then fold it.