Sunday, June 11, 2017

For those who love to Travel Watch

credit/source: and 5-Minute Crafts

1. Place some liquid bath essentials such as shampoo,conditioner, liquid soap, hand sanitizer and hand wash liquid soap in a straw then cut them to the size according to your needs and how long you will stay. Label it upon closing it.There are small bottled shampoo, conditioner and bath gel provided by your previous travel and check-in hotels you can reuse that even small size of soap is included. If ever, you can buy in stores or groceries of toiletries in sachets or small plastic pack like toothpaste so there is no need a bulky bag for toiletries. So far in airports they limit the size of everything that you bring including perfume.

2. Folding your clothes together with your underwear and socks then roll it. Put it inside a plastic bag/zip lock bag..

3. Bring your uncooked popcorn then just wrap it in a aluminum foil. When it is time to cook the popcorn put it on top of the burner or  bonfire.

4. Remove the cap of the small items you bring in a bottle.Wrap in a plastic and put back the cap cover check if you have tighten when you closed the bottle.

5. In a small pail place a medium size garbage plastic bag, then the toilet paper can insert in the pail's handle.

6. Cut out the shape of spoon and ladle in an  empty mineral bottle you can carve.

6. Cut  into half an empty mineral bottled water and a make a small circle about the size of the bottle cap put them together for the water filtration case.

7. Lastly, to make a fire with this method I am not sure about this.