Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Japanese workers fixed sinkhole in Fukuoa in just two DAYS. Look NOW

Workers in the Japanese city of Fukuoka have filled in a vast sinkhole just days after it opened up on a busy main road.
The road outside a commuter station in the centre of Fukuoka reopened to both pedestrians and traffic this morning after the road collapsed on November 8th; local media report that the hole was actually filled in within 48 hours but the reopening was delayed while safety checks were carried out.
The sinkhole took out power lines and was 30m by 27m in size and 15m deep, but tireless work has seen the 6,200 cubit metre pit filled in.
The work involved repairs to sewage lines, new traffic lights and utility poles as well as a reinforced road surface that the city’s mayor says is 30 times stronger than before.
Mayor Soichiro Takashima also said that a panel of experts has been assembled to look in to the cause of the accident.

Fukuoka's sinkhole filled in after just two days [AP]

Fukuoka’s sinkhole filled in after just two days [AP]

Early reports suggested that it was all down to nearby subway works; hundreds of buildings and homes were left without power after the event.
“We’re very sorry for causing great trouble,” he added.
It was an impressive scene on November 8th when the sinkhole opened up – thankfully there were no reports of injuries.

Work underway in Fukuoka [Rex]

Work underway in Fukuoka [Rex]

Of course, we’re no strangers to sinkholes here in the UK; just last week residents of Ripon, North Yorkshire were forced to leave their homes when a 66ft hole opened up between their gardens.
Image credit: AP