Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Same Dress but Different Color

I had an embarrassing moment encounter when I was in Grade 6. This is how my story started....

 My family transferred to a house in which a room was being rented by a former landlady of my mother when she was still in college studying as bed spacer, near in the University belt together with her eldest sister who is already a college instructor/professor in Spanish in one of the colleges in Intramuros, Manila since my maternal 's province is from Mindanao.  In short, in Quezon City my mother encountered and reconnected to her former landlady once more if you asked me how she did it I do not know. We rented a room vacant in a big bungalow house which they were also renting the entire house then gave one of the extra rooms enough for the 3 of us as family when I was in Grade 5 since we leave early in the morning and we see each other at home after my school time and my parents' working hour that how we were from the start until they retire. My mother is a retired government employee and my father a retired custom brokerage employee from a private company w/c no longer in operation because of the economic situation in the Philippines early 90's and some of their clients from foreign companies shut down their companies and transferred to other countries.We did not became rich because my father is an honest man he did not take money wherein only his small amount of salary he receive was all we have ,loyal and honest to the company he worked for.


When I was in Grade 5, studying in one of the school in University belt and as far as I can remember our landlady's only granddaughter was in Grade 3, studying in one of the Catholic schools near to our first bungalow house location they used to rent then transferred to another big bungalow house w/c we also went with them when they transferred and transferred again  for 2 more house until something happened. We became best of friends until we separate our ways when tragic happened to all of us and to her grandmother when I was in second year it was the last house when they transferred we went along with them.


When I was in Grade 6 and our landlady's granddaughter  were preparing for our Christmas party in our individual school which coincidentally fell on the same date when I came out of our room and so did she, we were both shocked to see that we were wearing the same exact dress but different in color. She was wearing in blue color while I was wearing in red color I remembered the color red because after our christmas vacation one of my classmates showed picturesof our class was taken last Christmas party so I had to remember again that embarrassing day all over again.  
My friend and I were like discussing it they bought weeks ago and I also said that we also bought my dress weeks ago for my Christmas party. Then we also discussed where she bought the dress and so am I and that was in Rustan's Department Store in Cubao, Quezon City so you can imagine even it was expensive dress you can never be comfortable wearing clothing knowing close to you wearing the same as yours. In the Philippines during my time the clothes the parents bought for Christmas party were the clothes you will use for Christmas Eve's Mass and even in New Year's Eve. I do not know if my reaction will be different if the situation if I saw another classmate wear the same dress as mine.

My mother loves to shop in Divisoria Tondo,Manila that is her passion but we do not buy clothes for me since everyday I am wearing school uniform if she did it was a shirt that was in bargain sale in one of the boxes. that how it was for me when I was young until today I am very careful to buy clothes for myself. I do not know if because I rarely have new clothes even during college since we do not have uniform until when I was in 2nd year college we were required to wear uniform our main university branch in Manila I do not know how I got over with it until I graduated 5th year in college we were not required to wear uniform only in civilian clothes that is how we call our daily clothes because when our course had to take in 3rd year college we were transferred to another branch of our university in Diliman,Quezon City going to Fairview and near Gotesco which I think today it became the hospital they built after they shut down the old hospital building in Manila because of the earthquake it became abandoned then just built another but for school building no longer for hospital. In Quezon City with the medical courses offered by the university they changed the courses offered in that QC branch while in Manila they went back the course we had back then to Manila until 5th year. some of my classmates in 1st year and second year college transferred to another colleges/universities because of our situation for the our major in 3rd year back then it was so far.

Maybe as I try to recall why I am I still remembering it until now probably because it is very seldom that I have a new dress and it is only one time I will be buying a new dress from expensive department store then you have somebody that has the same as mine that is why I felt embarrassed.

My friend and I got connected again because of social media she found me and added as her friend before I used to search her name but could not find her so I am glad that we reconnect resume again were we left as friends although we have our own family.