Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Fourth Anniversary
Hello Everyone, Today is my 4th Anniversary as a blogger and once more I would like to thank you all for keeping up with me all these years my friends. I may not post articles as many and often I used to be it is not because I lose interest but really I am running out of topic that I want to publish because there are a lot of bloggers who are steadily active. I really admire their perseverance rain or shine they can come out a story. But still I will catch up again do not worry. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank / for giving me space and chance to explore more and get to know myself better because of being a blogger I let out my being a mom, researcher, my little background in medical field and engineering, historian, news and even as a fan of Kpop and of music videos of popular music and other topics such as being a technology know how or beauty hacks which I am not really good at just I am doing it because of my readers who are searching.

 I wish I get to post from youtube,com of more music videos but I choose carefully from the lyrics and the content of the video if it is not good for the kids I avoid it because my blog more often come out results in search of any website, anytime children may come across my blog since my most of my topics are general information. THANK YOU and happy reading.