Friday, September 23, 2016

Google’s new Trips app takes the stress out of planning vacations


It’s basically a giant travel guide and itinerary maker for trips to various locations around the world. Tell the app where you want to go, download the guide for offline use, and start planning. The app can also pull information like flight itineraries and hotel reservations right from your Gmail.

Google Trips is a personalized tour guide in your pocket. Each trip contains key categories of information, including day plans, reservations, things to do, food & drink, and more, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. The entire app is available offline — simply tap the “Download” button under each trip to save it to your phone.

The app features various sample itineraries for the ‘top 200’ cities in the world, including popular sights and attractions deemed interesting by other travelers. Of course, you can make custom itineraries too; tap the ‘+’ button on the ‘day plan’ tile to select attractions from a map view. Trips will number each location on the map so you have everything neat and organized.

Each trip guide is divided into numerous sections. For instance, a ‘Getting around’ section provides information such as how to leave the airport once your flight lands, public transport, and local taxi, ridesharing and rental options.

Meanwhile ‘Things to do’ shows popular locations, tailored suggestions, indoor and outdoor events. There’s also a selection of “farther away” places should you be willing to travel a bit more, as well as an alphabetical list of highlights. Other sections include ‘Reservations,’ ‘Food & Drink,’ and ‘Need to know.’
I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent planning out sightseeing for various trips, so having all the information I need in a single app sounds like a godsend. Heck, I might even use the app for discovering new places right here in my hometown of New York City.

Vacations are a chance to recharge and experience new places and cultures. For your next trip, let us help you see all the sights you want to see, without all the work. Google Trips, available now on Android and iOS, has you covered from departure to return.
Posted by Stefan Frank, Product Manager, Google Trips