Friday, September 30, 2016

CPR shows by a child and Monitor the Television shows and computer surf your Children are watching

credit/source: and Health & Safety This video really shows on how you behave and what you say or do eventually, it will be projected and absorbed by the children.

What a reminder that babies really are watching our every movement.

If I may share my experience when my youngest son was barely one year old. One afternoon I was watching an action movie in HBO cable channel I thought he was still sleeping I did not notice he stood up quietly in his crib and watching the television only when I noticed him when his fingers making a form of gun pointing I quickly turned off the television since then I choose the shows I watched whether my children are around or not. Since my eldest and youngest son almost 7 years age difference they really love action,cartoons and wrestling shows although I make sure they are only watching informative shows during Saturdays when they were young they try to watch wrestling despite my warning not to watch it so if I catch them watching it in their room I remove the cable wire connected to their television. I also noticed we thought us parents that cartoons are better than any shows for children they are not because cartoons are more violent if you watch it closely.,thinking it is funny for the children it is not. And when it is feeding time for the kids and infants turn off the television or computer/laptop instead play music when they are eating do not allow them to eat in front of the television only around in your dining table. Today my sons both love manga,anime and games then my eldest son who used to be a picky eater now only a little bit but still picky. We still voiced out/discussed our political and general information views For short, I taught them to think and be liberal. Both of them I trained them to be a book worm but only my eldest becomes one so I call him a walking encyclopedia then my youngest does not read that much. They have different study habits but maintains high grades until my eldest son graduated in college and passed the board exam without enrolling in a review center while my youngest son is now in college and scholar in a state college.This semester my eldest son enrolled again in college taking up units required in B.S. Education. He can work abroad if he wants to but he opted not to instead he works in a NGO. His previous employments call him every now and then to go back anytime to work again in their company. You will adjust to each and every child you have what suit to the other may not be suitable to the other child because they are different and unique as a person although they are your children. I must admit my husband and I were more strict to our eldest son than our youngest son and as I observed he matures better than my second/youngest son. And lastly, even if you are busy and tired please read them books everyday more so when they are starting to read and pray with them before going to sleep.