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What You Should Know About The Non-Stick Cookware

Best NonStick CookwareIf you have done an online search for best nonstick cookware and ended up on this page chances are you are getting ready to make a purchase and wish to know what’s the best out there. Maybe your old nonstick cookware has come to the end of its days or maybe you’re a first time buyer. Whatever it is by the time you are through reading this article you will be clear in your mind about how best to proceed.

What Is Nonstick Anyway?

When most people think of nonstick cooking teflon cookware often comes to mind. For many this will lead to thoughts of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which is the actual nonstick material that many pots and pans are coated with. This product was created and patented by DuPont and goes by the trade name teflon. Trouble is scrape the teflon with a sharp object like a metal fork or spatula and not only do you expose the metal and ruined your pan, but you will also add teflon particles to your food which is simply not good for your health. In fact once you start cooking with teflon cookware the teflon actually begins to degrade. So there’s a problem already.
Now all teflon coated pans are not created equal and it is possible to get excellent ones, which with some care and attention will deliver great service. However be warned.
While aluminum is a soft reactive metal that shouldn’t be allowed to come in direct contact with food, anodizing it creates a hard casing of aluminum oxide over the aluminum and this casing effectively seals the aluminum thus making the cookware safe. Aluminum is anodized by placing it in an acid bath and running an electric current through it. The reaction creates a layer of aluminum oxide which bonds to the aluminum effectively sealing it.
The aluminum oxide coating is nonreactive as well as nonstick, thus offering an excellent alternative to teflon.

Best NonStick Cookware Comparison Table

T-fal Professional Thermo-Spot Induction Cookware Set

This cookware set features a stainless steel base making it ideal for induction cooking.  The cookware pieces are dishwasher safe and come with ProMetal nonstick capabilities for easy cooking and even easier clean ups.  ProMetal is nonstick that is both scratch resistant and exceptionally durable, making it safe for use with metal utensils.
The cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Pre-heating cookware makes a great difference in the outcome of cooked food and this T-fal set boasts T-fal's unique Thermo-Spot heat indicator which shows when the pans are perfectly pre-heated and ready to receive food.  The food then cooks in a way that seals in the food flavor.
This dishwasher safe cookware incorporates stainless steel induction bases for even heating with ProMetal nonstick technology to make cooking and cleaning equally as easy.

The Lodge Color EC11S43 Enameled Cast Iron Skillet
 This hard anodized cookware set is yet another excellent buy.
Enamel Nonstick Cookware
Enameled nonstick cookware can have a variety of base metal from aluminum to cast iron to stainless steel. While the different metals will each have their signature heating characteristics the enamel over coat will maintain their nonstick nature.  This 
The Lodge Color EC11S43 is an excellent enamel clad cast iron skillet. The porcelain surface of this skillet eliminates the need to season the cast iron and it’s double layers of chip resistant porcelain allow the pan to deliver the excellent heat retention of cast iron without the hassle of making bare cast iron nonstick through seasoning.

This is another great nonstick set out of yet another material. This festive colored set of cookware sets the tone for creating great dishes. The hard enamel over aluminum creates a nonstick surface that is inert, allowing you to cook whatever you wish in it without fear of a reaction like happens when cooking acidic foods in cast iron or carbon steel cookware.
The Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick Cookware Set ,,,,

Yet another Rachael Ray cookware set makes it into our Top 5 roundup of nonstick cookware.  This set features nonstick baking sheets rated as oven safe up to 500°F, ideal for those who enjoy baking.  The stove top cookware in this set is rated as oven safe up to 350°F. ...

Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware

Still in search of the best nonstick cookware we must also consider stainless steel nonstick cookware. Stainless steel on its own is not nonstick and so care must be taken when cooking with it. The thickness and weight of stainless steel makes it popular with many chefs due to its heat retention qualities and the way it sears meat and yields a rich golden brown color.
The Secret To Nonstick Cooking With Stainless Steel
While stainless steel is not nonstick you can stop food sticking by preheating the pan. This is the secret technique that professional cooks and chefs employ to saute, brown and cook foods in stainless steel cookware without any sticking to the pan or burning. Your ideal cookware for this will have a 3 ply base with an aluminum core which allows fast even heating of the base.
Start with a well heated heavy based pan. The pan is hot enough when a few drops of water will bounce and dance around on the hot surface. Let the droplets evaporate then add a little oil to the hot, dry pan so that there is sufficient to cover the base. Now heat the pan up on high until you can see the hot oil starting to vaporize. This will indicate that the pan is ready.
To confirm that the pan is truly ready touch the edge of the food or meat to the bottom of the very hot pan and if it slides about your pan is indeed ready. Using good quality stainless steel cookware and this preheating technique will introduce you to the delights of nonstick cooking in stainless steel cookware
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