Friday, May 27, 2016

For the Busy and Forgetful People what to do for Reminder

As time and age flY so fast that we tend to forget a lot of tasks,chores and important duties and appointments here are some simple suggestions  to remind us on what to do:

1. On your cellphone there is calendar /organizer even Google Note you can type and save what are your appointments, recent activities, next activities,deadline for school projects or coming exams and to your work/job/business including family/friends gathering or reunion. Bank transactions. Your daily,weekly, monthly-to-do-list payment of bills, credit card,tuition fee and including the yearly like tax payment. Reminder for renewal of your Professional,career,passport/visa and driver's license.  Believe me you forget almost everything like your bag, things you have purchased,wallet, money and car/home key but never your cellphone.

2. List to buy for grocery items you can type and save it to your calendar/organizer and Google Note. This will save you time in roaming around the supermarket in circle and yet you forgot to buy mostly of the important items you should buy then you have to go back on another trip in grocery store to buy this item and office/school supplies because it is really needed. This will also help you to lessen your expenses during payment of grocery items when you only buy what you really need and avoiding being impulse buyer picking up items that you do not need, accumulates more space and clutter at home.

3. Since you have saved in your calendar of important people like family members and clients of their birthdays especially when you are invited if married w/ a child who will attend children's party for gifts. Take note first hand their body built and height so you will buy exact size of their shoes/slippers, waist line for t-shirt/polo/dress/pants/belt/shorts/skirt. If infant /young children ask their parent how old they are because they probably grew up a lot the last time you saw them. 

For me when I buy for my children even during their younger days whether shoes and clothing like pants I make sure they are w/ me to ensure that they like the shirt, exact size on their shoes and fitting long pants although they are both grown up and busy now I still asked them their availability when can we buy their new pants or shoes. I give time for them. I know when they will settle down in the future I will never able to do it anymore for them since they have already their own family and  far away from me.

4. A lot of tasks and chores to do every day in business, at work and in school. Those magnet for refrigerators make use of it posting in a paper of what you need to do and things you need or writing in a small white board. Ingredients for the menu of the day or what you will prepare for dinner.Whatever that you remember in your mind or ideas and topics for a writer,blogger,works in media,singer and composer even a poet write it down right away in split seconds you will forget it again.

5. Like me I have a lot of receipts of what I had purchased from supermarket or shopping I write at the back of what to do chores and things to buy. I put check on my checklist when I did the task or bought the item. Sometimes the household chore since I am busy or not feeling well I put it on hold it may take months or weeks when I read them and got the chance to remind me of to do list I try to finish it. Like change the battery of wrist watch or wall clock or repair of something like appliances,alteration of dress,cleaning the windows or window blinds and organizing the clutter I write it down then after quite some time I read them again if anything is left undone. Sometimes I wrap it around in my reward cards, to others in their debit/credit card to remind them the important matter.

6. Those shoe boxes instead of throwing them away I make use it for the present year for my bills then my bills for the past year if I can throw away then I do so, purchase receipt for warranty among other for tax purposes and important documents.  After New Year I sort it out on what I can throw or dispose.

7. If you have Big Dreams or Plans on Career and Financial write it down in your diary or Journal even if it takes forever you will never know even if it is impossible it will come true. Pray and Hope for the Best. Let us all be Positive People.

8. When for travelling locally or in abroad take note of the date, name of airline,bus company or how of mode of transportation, restaurants you had eaten w/ the food or drinks that you like, hotel or motel you have stayed if you can take pictures where you had been while touring this will save you another time of coming back to the same place instead of exploring new adventures and places because you have forgotten  you had been there and done that while probably you were still single or during that time your child/children were still young and they have been grown up today. Since there will be a time you keep coming back to tour in the same place I tool pictures of the adventures/ places that we had gone but the different hotels that we had stayed I did not write so I do not remember. Even the different Condotels that my husband and I and children stayed overnight in Makati and my sister-in-law or nephew had stayed during their visits in Makati,Philippines.
My Note: Belated Happy Birthday to my Husband and to our Silver Wedding Anniversary. I posted an old family picture. For those who do not believe in the pictures I posted in social media.Yes, that's me.  Even I sometimes wonder is it really me. My face changes every now and then.