Saturday, April 30, 2016

Travelling Tips that I posted and my Trip to Singapore

Here are some of the articles that I posted and gathered through the years of my blogging although these are only suggestions. 

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Note: I am not a traveler nor a traveling expert like I used to be when I was young. Every summer we get to visit my mother's  relatives in Mindanao taking by airplane we do that yearly until before the almost nearing the opening of classes on my first year in College. I can not recall if I was able to vacation even for a short period of time in college I think I did once. And when I got married I was only get to travel when I was attending funeral of my immediate family then had to leave right away I had my round trip ticket to make sure I will get back in Manila right away but there was one time I was not able to attend funeral because I had given birth to my eldest son. 

As well as every weekend my mother and I travel to my father's province up north during my elementary days but in high school only on May fiesta in our town. And then when I got married I only got to see my father's relatives on funeral just the same to our immediate relatives.

My out of the country travel was in Singapore. Even if I want to travel as frequently I used to be responsibilities hold me to stay. 
 So there you go.... Have a Safe travel everyone on your trip out of town or out of the country while you are young and able to do so..... Enjoy. 

Save money for your expenses and some for new gadget that you want to buy but make some saving for your travel plans. If there is a will there is a way.

I hope I get to find some of my pictures on my Singapore trip. As I will always say to be I found it...
Uploaded  our pictures in facebook and I had taken a picture in front signage of Grand Copthorne but it did not materialize. I realize never depend anything or anyone for your pictures even it is a selfie but at least in your own camera or gadget such as tablet or cellphone. Good thing before we left I took this pictures in my camera so at least I have this. I am not bitter about it only these are one of the things I realized and learned as I get older. There were pictures of us four and then me with my husband but I decided not to include it here in my post. As we go in malls, bar hopping and other sites strolling along the bridges I decided not to bring anymore my cellphone and camera because we relied on my elder sister-in-law. And I remembered it was difficult for us to full our battery while charging in the hotel almost over night they charge their cellphones /tablet while mine is not adaptable for charging.

Before leaving prepare and fully charge your gadgets and cellphone whether you will travel locally or international or even attending an event. Oh good thing when we arrived in Changi Airport there were free computers available to use online so I logged in to my profile account in Facebook and update that I had arrived in Singapore's Airport at least I have remembrance that I was once in Singapore Changi Airport. Next time when I will get the chance to travel outside of the country I will make sure I will complete documentations of my travel.