Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lusail Pedestrian Bridges, Qatar

Lusail Pedestrian Bridges by OCTATUBE INTERNATIONAL BV in Qatar
PHOTO: worldarchitecturenews.com

Inspired the city’s theme, Water is Life, the design of these twin pedestrian bridges is that of a delicate “necklace,” draped along the ring of the Qetaifan Island Marina.
The bridge’s curves trace the radius of the island’s waterfront, while separate walkways weave across the channel creating a chain, its links supported by stainless steel cables affixed to two concrete pylons. The cables are connected to the deck in alignment with the two paths, intertwining the pedestrian experience of each bridge with the structural system that supports it. The experience of the bridges continues beyond the boundaries of their sites; through the use of pattern and repetition in on-grade pathways, the necklace motif links both bridges and extends their character along the entire promenade.
credit/source: http://www.safdierabines.com/portfolio/lusail-pedestrian-bridges/

Lusail Pedestrian Bridges

Because of the marine environment, all structural elements are executed in duplex stainless steel. Octatube´s scope holds more than 200 tons of this high grade steel. It is used for the production of cantilevering glass floor structures, canopy structures, baluster posts and a lot of other elements. The projects is featured by 2000 square meters of laminated glasses, divided into walkable glass, overhead glazing and the guardrails. The glass throughout the project has bespoke fritting patterns and all along the guardrails both the glass and the walkways will be illuminated by integrated LED lighting.