Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kitchen Useful tips

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Posted by LOL on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

credit/source: and LOL
1st clip is putting labels to any container that you use for different kind of spices or food items that you will store if there is some left over so you will not be confused what is the food item inside the bottle or plastic container.

2nd clip is putting an entire cloves of garlic in a tightly bottle/jar and then shake it to remove its skin.

3rd clip is before the liquid that you cook for soup,sauce or anything will boil put the wooden ladle /spoon on top around the of the pan so not to overflow when it comes to boil.

Note: I have already tested this procedure and it is true even in high fire it did not overflow when it was boiling.

4th clip if you think that the hard boiled egg is already cooked place it in a plastic container then put half full water into the container from the faucet then put back the cover of the plastic container then shake it. And you may remove the shell o/skin of the hard boiled eggs

5th clip if you have two empty plastic bottles you can reuse them by cutting it in half. Take note the height should depend on what food item or thing that you will put or use it for.

6th clip if you will make potato salad or simply boil potatoes before you put it in a pan use knife to glide it in the middle of the potato skin before putting water to bring it to boil. When it is cooked you can easily remove the skin of the potatoes.

7th for easy access of your cook book while cooking place it in a hanger with clips.