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Timeline and Summary of Ferdinand Magellan's Biography

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Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand's Route:the map above

                                       Ferdinand Magellan Timeline ( 1480 - 1521)                       The most important dates and events in the life of this                                   famous explorer                        His early life in Portugal                        His support from King Charles I of Spain                        He made the first voyage around the World                       The death of Ferdinand Magellan on the island of                       Mactan
Why was Ferdinand Magellan famous?Ferdinand Magellan was famous as the great explorer who led 5 Spanish ships and 251 men in the first voyage around the WorldShort Biography of Ferdinand MagellanDate of Birth: Born in 1480Place of Birth : Saborosa in Villa Real, Province of Traz os Montes in PortugalParents: Father - Mayor Pedro Ruy de Magalhaes             Mother: Alda de Mezquita.Background Facts, Information & Ancestry : Came from a wealthyfamily who had strong connections with the Portuguese court1480Born at Saborosa in Villa Real, Province of Traz os Montes in Portugal
Well tutored at home and then spent his early years at the Portuguesecourt
1505:Ferdinand Magellan joined the expedition of Francisco d'Almeida to India
1512Took part in the Portuguese expedition to Morocco and was badlywounded
Has a serious disagreement with a commanding officer and leavesthe service without prior permission
1513Requests permission from King Manuel of Portugal to sail tothe Spice Islands in the Far East but is refused following the unfavourable reports from Morocco
Resumes his studies in Portugal for a couple more years but failsto gain favor with the Portuguese court and therefore renounceshis Portuguese nationality
1518:Magellan leaves Portugal and heads for Spain
1519March 22: Magellan convinces King Charles I of Spain to support his voyage to the Spice Islands and the King promises Magellan one-fifth of the profits from the voyage to the Spice Islands
Spain provides five ships for the expedition:Magellan commands the TrinidadJuan de Cartagena commands the San AntonioGaspar de Quesada commands the ConceptionLuis de Mendoza commands the VictoriaJuan Serrano commands the Santiago
Leads the five Spanish ships with 251 men in what was to becomethe first voyage around the World
20 September: The fleet sail across the Atlantic Ocean to South America and Rio de Janeiro and then start to search for a passage to the Pacific Ocean
1520March: The fleet anchor for the winter at Puerto San Julian inSouthern Argentina
September : A storm destroys the Santiago and a mutiny breaks out
October: Ferdinand Magellan and his crew resume their voyageon the remaining ships
21 November: Enters the straits which would be named the Magellan Straits becoming the first Europeans ever to sail across the Pacific Ocean
15213 February: Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Equator
1521 March 6: Magellan reached the Pacific island of Guam
16 March:  Discovers the Philippines
April 27: Ferdinand Magellan was killed by natives onthe island of Mactan
Only 110 of the original crew members remained so they abandoned one of the ships - the Conception.The Trinidad tried to return back to Spain the same way theyhad came but was forced to return to the Spice Islands where they wereimprisoned by the Portuguese.The Victoria was the last remaining ship
1522September 6: The Victoria reached Sanlucar de Barrameda in Spain with only 18 survivors
Conclusion of Ferdinand Magellan's Expedition:One ship from the fleet eventually reached Spain in September 1522, having completed the first ever circumnavigation of the globe ...Magellan himself was killed in battle on the voyage, but his ambitious expedition proved that the globe could be circled by sea and that the world was much larger than had previously been imagined.For your Information:Did you know that Clove was the most valuablespice in Europe during Magellan's day. It was used to flavor food, but Europeans also believed that its essence could improve vision, its powder could relieve fevers, and mixed with milk it could enhance intercourse  Lastly,Though Magellan is often credited with the first circumnavigation on the globe, he did so on a technicality: He first made a trip from Europe to the Spice Islands, eastward via the Indian Ocean, and then later made his famous westward voyage that brought him to the Philippines. So he did cover the entire terrain, but it was not a strict point A to point A,round-the-world trip, and it was made in two different directions. His slave, Enrique, however, was born in either Cebu or Mallaca and came to Europe with Magellan by ship.Ten years later, he then returned to both Cebu(with Magellan) and Mallaca (after Magellan died) by ship on the armada’s westward route. So Enrique was the first person to circumnavigate the world in one direction, from point A to point A..
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