Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ways to Stop Gray Hair

By Laura College, eHow Contributor
Although heredity is a common factor in determining whether and when a person will develop gray hair, there are controllable factors as well. Some people do not notice gray hairs until they reach their 60s or 70s, while others may start sprouting gray in their teens or 20s. Since millions of men and women look for ways to stave off the aging process, it is no wonder that stopping gray hair is among their goals.

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Increase Copper Intake

There are several dietary factors that can contribute to gray hair, including copper intake. According to, failing to include sufficient copper in your diet can lead to low melanin production, which can cause gray hair. Foods such as cashews, other nuts and oysters may rectify the problem.
  1. Check Hormone Levels

    • Hormone production is an important aspect of regulating body chemistry, and an imbalance in hormones may lead to gray hair, the Library of Congress warns. A simple blood work-up can identify problems in hormone production, which can then be addressed by an endocrinologist or gynecologist.

    Increase PABA Intake

    • Para amino benzoic acid, or PABA, is one of the chemical compounds known to affect the growth of hair. While it does not directly influence melanin, PABA can help stop gray hair by promoting healthy hair growth. You can find PABA in numerous foods, including dairy products and molasses.

    Restrict Chemical Exposure

    • The Library of Congress says exposure to certain chemicals, toxins and pollutants can affect the color of your hair. To stop gray hair, limit your exposure to such chemicals, including those applied directly to your hair. Hydrogen peroxide, for example, is one of the most harmful chemicals for hair.

    Stop Smoking

    • Smoking also can contribute to gray hair. Because smoking can inhibit hair growth and accelerate hair loss, smokers are much more likely to develop gray hair early in life, according to

    Stay Hydrated

    • Gray hair is often characterized as brittle and wiry because it lacks moisture. Staying hydrated may help stop gray hair. You can also keep your scalp and hair healthy by using conditioners and moisturizers.

    Increase B-Vitamin Intake

    • B-vitamins are essential to stopping gray hair. They promote healthy hair growth and help maintain hair pigmentation.