Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Strengthen Your Hair With A Homemade Protein Treatment -DIY

    • Things to need: 1 egg, olive oil or virgin coconut oil and  half a cup of inexpensive conditioner                                                                                            Instructions

        • 1
          Start With Clean Damp Hair
          Wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Squeeze out excess water and gently towel blot hair until damp.
    • 2
      Add Ingredients In A Small Bowl
      Squirt a half cup of inexpensive conditioner into the bowl, adding a little more for longer hair. Inexpensive conditioners like V05 and Suave are great choices. Proceed to add the 1 egg and a little bit of natural oil like virgin coconut or olive oil.
    • 3
      Mix Until Frothy
      Mix the ingredients together with a fork. The fork breaks up the egg and mixes the ingredients much better than a spoon. Your protein mixture is complete once it's frothy with a uniform texture.
    • 4
      Apply Protein Treatment To Hair
      Part hair into 4 sections and apply protein mixture to each section until hair is saturated from root to tip. Let the treatment set in your hair uncovered for 15 minutes.

    • 5
      Thoroughly Rinse Hair
      After 15 minutes rinse the homemade protein treatment mixture completely from hair with cool or tepid water. Do Not Use Hot Water.
    • 6
      Deep Condition With Moisturizing Conditioner
      This step is very important. Though protein strengthens and adds structure to hair; too much of it can make the hair hard and brittle. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to your hair and put a plastic cap over it. This will create a healthy balance of strength and moisture. Let the conditioner set for at least 15 minutes, then Rinse.
    • 7
      Blot Dry Hair and Style As Usual
      Hair will be stronger and healthier.  
    • Note; do not twist or pull hair                                                                                                                                  by:ehow Contributor  and                                                                                                      source: