Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Naturally Restore Hair Color

By Kent Page McGroarty, eHow Contributor

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Gray hair is the result of melanocytes ceasing to make pigment.(Photo credit: man image by palms from
Note: I am trying to make series of articles about taking care of our hair, gray hair and to remedy it naturally for men and women.
Whatever ingredients and process to choose from you have to think about it before doing any of these so you will not have to regret just like if you will use chemical dye or hair treatment for hair you need to test it to your wrist if you do not have any allergic reaction better yet must be done by professionals.

Combating gray hair and attempting to restore natural hair color are among the ways people fight the outward signs of aging. Small hair pigment cells within hair follicles called melanocytes are responsible for producing hair color and as we age melanocytes make less and less pigment until ceasing completely. Hair then grows in free of pigment causing gray hair. Genetics indicate when and where gray hair will occur although stress level and lifestyle contribute to gray hair. While restoring hair color is not an overnight process there are herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes that can help restore hair color.