Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eye Makeup Placement:Diagram of eye areas

source/photo credit :http://msnancyzblog.com/category/makeup-talkpage/3/

There are different ways to apply eye makeup/eyeshadow. This is just a basic diagram of areas of the eye. The placement can change depending on the look as well as your age,skin tone,mood,occasion/venue,daytime or nighttime,purpose(office/job/school/strolling/dating/stay at home) and color availability of your makeup or eye shadow set.
Note: Even I is also learning to the basic uses/tools for make-up and step by step make-up application

Actually,when I look at step by steps images and videos I could not catch up since I do not understand their terms and the brushes they use. I ask myself what the heck is that, unless you see it then you can understand its uses and applications much more identifying your own body parts.