Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to Preserve Important Documents and Pictures

What are the Important Documents?

These are documents that were given or issued by the government and private ENTITY because you own, acquire, education,employment/ job, evidence and result from judicial/LEGAL and on the law, right upon birth and as a citizen of the country.

School records since you started going and enrolling to the school from report card, diploma when you graduated pre-school,elementary, high school, college, post graduate and doctorate, (TOR)-Transcript of Record and Clearance, Certification of Graduation on short/vocational courses, training and seminars.

Certificate of Employment from your previous and present employer.

Travelling for pleasure or business trip.

Banking and Finance transactions.

Housing, Insurance and Benefits.


Legal Documents. Birth, Marriage, Divorce/Annulment and Death Certificate.

 And last but not the least, whatever you think in paper or document or picture that has importance for you or other person,community,organization and group of people that will serve to you /them  purpose in the future.
1. Have your Important Documents be scanned in the scanner then you can have it for photocopy by a photo copier as next step after sending these important documents on every e-mail address that you own or of the person.

2. You have to photocopy (XEROX) the documents at least 3 copies. First for your personal copy, second for template for future need again to photocopy when you have submitted/used for requirements your extra copy which is the third one. In that way the original document will be preserved, protected and will not be misplaced/lost.

3. Of course your pictures has its own folder on your desktop especially the easy and convenience transferring from digital cameras,directly taken from your cellphones in which most of the time being sent right away from your cellphones or tablet to your account on different social networks.

4.If you are to travel local or outside the country, Passport and Visa you must photocopy from the template use the Passport(Cover and the page with picture and detail of the person) and Visa, ID's you have whether government issued, employment or school and place/insert each copy on your luggage,bag and back pack. aside from the original ID that you always bring on your bag or wallet. At least if something goes wrong with your things you have a proof of who it really belongs aside from the name tag attached to your luggage/bag and  if something happened or any misunderstanding of your identity.

5. Save it to your USB.

6. There are some people who have it framed then hang on the wall,wood lamination but I noticed at the present time there were not that much who makes it, plastic lamination, keep it on safety box /vault, bank's safety deposit, bank for money and filing cabinet with a lock for business.

7. Some were taken in their camera's cellphone such as receipts.

8. There were situations to most students/employee/employer save their work/who makes thesis aside from saving it to your desktop/USB, send to your email add. There are Free Storage of LARGE Files websites you can create account then transfer it as well  from your desktop it is easy as 1,2,3. This is to protect their work vanished /stolen from corrupted/crushed file even stolen laptop(knock on wood). At least you can retrieve most of your saved files if not all. 

8. Others forget about it.

And I mean a true, certified and legal document or important docs/work only.

Rain or shine. High tide or Low tide. Where ever you are just look for internet cafe even if you do not own a computer or hassle bringing your laptop. You are worry free.