Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Can I Fix the Cursor on My Computer?

How Can I Fix the Cursor on My Computer? thumbnailBy/credit/photo:Erin McManaway, eHow Contributor

A mouse cursor is indicated on your computer screen by a small graphical pointer, often in the shape of an arrow. The cursor usually moves smoothly on your computer as you move the mouse across the mouse pad. If your mouse cursor is skipping , this may be due to issues with your mouse. You can troubleshoot your mouse to fix problems with your computer's cursor and improve the way your mouse responds to your commands.


  1. Basic Mouse Troubleshooting

    • 1
      Upgrade your and run your virus-scanning software on your computer. Malware installed on a computer may cause the mouse cursor to jump and respond poorly.
    • 2
      Unplug the USB cord if you use a USB mouse and plug it into another USB port on your computer. This may refresh your USB mouse drivers and fix connectivity issues
    • 3
      Clean the laser lens on the bottom of the mouse if there is dirt or other buildup. If the laser light is blocked, this can cause the pointer and cursor to skip.
    • 4
      Shut off the mouse touchpad if you are using a mouse on a laptop. Many laptops include a button that allows you to disable the touch pad. If you accidentally brush the touchpad, this can cause your mouse cursor to move or skip.
    • 5
      Change your mousepad. Sometimes a mousepad with bright colors or colors that have high contrast can cause the laser mouse cursor to jump.
    • 6
      Install new batteries if you are using a wireless mouse.

    Windows Mouse Settings

    • 7
      Click the "Start" button and click "Control Panel."
    • 8
      Type "Mouse" in the search box, then double-click the "Mouse" search result.
    • 9
      Navigate to the "Pointers" tab.
    • 10
      Select "Windows Standard" from the Scheme drop-down menu.
    • 11
      Navigate to the "Pointer Options" tab.
    • 12
      Remove the check in the box next to "Display Pointer Trails" if your computer currently uses pointer trails.
    • 13
      Click "OK" to save the changes to your mouse settings.