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Kobe Bryant's injuries remind LeBron James that Father Time eventually catches all

LOS ANGELES – LeBron James has watched Kobe Bryant go down with significant injuries twice within the past nine months. With his biggest rival sidelined for the Miami Heat's Christmas Day meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers, James wasn't overly introspective about his own NBA mortality. But he also isn't naïve about the future.
"We all got to go some time," James said. "None of us can play forever."
Bryant's Achilles and knee injuries contrast the durability he'd shown throughout in his career – and are a reminder that James has never really had injury problems himself. The four-time NBA MVP has never missed more than seven games in a season. Regular season and playoffs combined, James has already played more than 37,000 minutes in his career.
So what's the key to his good health?
"I don't have a key," said James, who will turn 29 on Monday. "I've been fortunate to be healthy. I do everything I can as far as strength and conditioning to stay above the curve, so to speak. I don't have an answer for it. We all know Father Time … is undefeated.

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LeBron James, right, hugs Kobe Bryant after the Heat's victory over the Lakers. (AP)
"But you just try to slow it down, I guess. And, for me, I try to take care of everything I can off the court in the off-season, and then into the season I can go full steam. And if I do get into the season and hit a bump in the road maybe I can come back quicker than anyone else because I've always tried to keep my body right."
James said Bryant is one of the "few guys in the league that come back from anything." On Sunday, Bryant and James exchanged pleasantries during a second-quarter timeout and after the game.
James had 19 points, eight rebounds and four assists in the Heat's 101-95 victory over the Lakers, but said the Christmas game would have been much more memorable had he played against Bryant.
"It's not as special with Kobe not being out there," James said. "I love going against one of the best and one of the greatest competitors we have in our game."
Bryant will also likely miss the Lakers' only other scheduled meeting with James and the Heat on Jan. 23. Bryant and James also have never met in the NBA Finals, despite Bryant having played in seven Finals since 2000 and James playing in four of the past seven. When Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers before the start of last season, it was thought Bryant and James would finally get their dream match up. Instead, Bryant suffered a season-ending Achilles injury on April 12 and the Lakers were swept out of the first round of the playoffs.
"It definitely would've been great," James said of the possibility of facing Bryant in the Finals. "I think I wanted it. I think he wanted it. And I didn't do my part one year. We lost to Orlando in the [2010] Eastern Conference Finals. So I didn't do my part to meet there.
"It definitely would've been great to go against him in the Finals. But it never happened and I don't know if it will happen or won't."
James had a warning for Charles Barkley and others who think Bryant should sit the rest of the season.
"I've been hearing reports with people giving their stupid opinions about what he should do," James said. "He's not going to sit. It's not in his nature. He's an alpha male. He's going to get healthy, he's going to come back and he's going to play the game that he loves that he has been playing forever.
"When he gets back he's going to play at a high level. With him, I don't expect nothing less than greatness. Obviously, we all get older each and every year. But the caliber of player he is, he can go out and put up 20 every night if he wants to."
Perhaps once James reaches his 30s he will start thinking more about his NBA mortality. But he's not spending much time dwelling on it now.
"I just try to live now, live in the moment," James said. "The man above knows how much time he's going to give me with this game. Once he decides I don't have much time or I don't have any more time to give then I will quits."
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BlackBerry says free calls and Channels are coming to BBM for iOS and Android in 2014

bbm BlackBerry says free calls and Channels are coming to BBM for iOS and Android in 2014
By   credit Images via Fauzan Alfi / Flickr and Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
BlackBerry is really pushing its BBM mobile messaging businesses. Right after announcing a deal to pre-load BBM on LG devices, the Canadian firm outlined new features headed to the iOS and Android apps in 2014.
Top of the list is free calling feature BBM Voice, which BlackBerry has shown off in the video below. That’s in addition to Channels, BBM’s chat room-like feature: many Channels are based on topics of interest, hobbies, etc., but there are also some from consumer brands.
Other notable impending arrivals include “faster and easier” sharing of photos, location and other personal multimedia, and 100 new emoticons.
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World's tallest buildings - Top 115 and Categories in Measuring a Building

This overview is the most accurate compilation of its kind and uses in-depth research results and reliable building information. It is based on data standards as outlined by the Emporis Standards committee (ESC). This listing is verified and updated continuously and includes high-rise buildings which have been topped out as well as those still under construction or on hold.

Burj KhalifaDubai163828 m2010
Shanghai TowerShanghai121632 m2014
Makkah Clock Royal Tower [Abraj Al Bait]Makkah120601 m2012
One World Trade Center [New World Trade Center]New York City104541 m2014
Taipei 101Taipei101509 m2004
Shanghai World Financial CenterShanghai101492 m2008
International Commerce Centre [Union Square]Hong Kong118484 m2010
Petronas Tower 1 [Petronas Towers]Kuala Lumpur88452 m1998
Petronas Tower 2 [Petronas Towers]Kuala Lumpur88452 m1998
Zifeng TowerNanjing66450 m2010
Willis TowerChicago108442 m1974
KK100Shenzhen100442 m2011
Guangzhou International Finance Center [Guangzhou Twin Towers]Guangzhou103438 m2010
Trump International Hotel & TowerChicago98423 m2009
Jin Mao TowerShanghai88421 m1999
Two International Finance Centre [International Finance Centre]Hong Kong88415 m2003
Princess TowerDubai101414 m2012
Al Hamra TowerKuwait City80412 m2011
23 MarinaDubai89395 m2012
CITIC Plaza [CITIC Plaza]Guangzhou80391 m1997
Shun Hing Square [Shun Hing Square]Shenzhen69384 m1996
The Domain [Central Market]Abu Dhabi88382 m2014
Empire State BuildingNew York City102381 m1931
Elite ResidenceDubai91380 m2012
Central PlazaHong Kong78374 m1992
Bank of China TowerHong Kong70367 m1990
Bank of America TowerNew York City58366 m2009
Almas TowerDubai68363 m2009
The PinnacleGuangzhou60360 m2012
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai 1 [JW Marriott Marquis Dubai]Dubai77355 m2012
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai 2 [JW Marriott Marquis Dubai]Dubai77355 m2014
Emirates Office Tower [Emirates Towers]Dubai54355 m2000
Tuntex Sky TowerKaohsiung City85348 m1997
Aon CenterChicago83346 m1973
The CenterHong Kong73346 m1998
John Hancock CenterChicago100344 m1969
Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar TowerDubai76342 m2014
The Wharf Times SquareWuxi68339 m2015
Global Financial BuildingChongqing73339 m2014
Mercury CityMoscow75339 m2013
Tianjin Global Financial CenterTianjin72337 m2011
The TorchDubai79337 m2011
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark TowerHanoi72336 m2012
Wenzhou Trade CenterWenzhou68333 m2010
Rose TowerDubai72333 m2007
Shimao International PlazaShanghai66333 m2006
Modern Media CenterChangzhou57332 m2013
Minsheng Bank BuildingWuhan68331 m2007
Ryugyong HotelPyongyang105330 m2013
Al Yaqoub TowerDubai72330 m2013
China World Trade Center Tower III [China World Trade Center]Beijing74330 m2010
The IndexDubai80328 m2010
Longxi International HotelJiangyin74328 m2011
Wuxi Suning PlazaWuxi68328 m2013
Deji Plaza Phase IINanjing62324 m2013
The LandmarkAbu Dhabi72324 m2013
Shimao No.1 The Harbour Main Tower [Shimao No. 1 The Harbour]Yantai57323 m
Q1 TowerGold Coast City80322 m2005
Burj Al ArabDubai60321 m1999
Chrysler BuildingNew York City77319 m1930
Teddy Tower [Nina Towers]Hong Kong80319 m2007
New York Times TowerNew York City52319 m2007
HHHR TowerDubai72317 m2010
Bank of America PlazaAtlanta55312 m1992
Maoye Plaza 1 [Maoye Plaza]Shenyang75311 m2013
US Bank TowerLos Angeles73310 m1989
Menara TelekomKuala Lumpur55310 m2001
Ocean HeightsDubai82310 m2010
Sky Tower [The Gate]Abu Dhabi74310 m2010
The Shard [London Bridge Quarter]London95310 m2013
Pearl River TowerGuangzhou71310 m2012
Guangzhou Fortune CenterGuangzhou68309 m2014
Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel [Emirates Towers]Dubai56309 m2000
EurasiaMoscow67309 m2014
Burj RafalRiyadh68308 m2013
Northeast Asia Trade Tower [Songdo New City]Incheon68308 m2011
Cayan TowerDubai73307 m2013
AT&T Corporate Center [AT&T - USG Complex]Chicago60307 m1989
One57New York City75306 m2013
East Pacific Center Tower AShenzhen85306 m2013
The Address Downtown DubaiDubai63306 m2008
600 Travis StreetHouston75305 m1982
Etihad Tower 2 [Etihad Towers]Abu Dhabi79305 m2011
Baiyoke Tower II [Baiyoke Towers]Bangkok85304 m1997
Two Prudential Plaza [Prudential Plaza]Chicago64303 m1990
Wuxi Moi City Tower [Moi City]Wuxi72303 m2013
Leatop PlazaGuangzhou65303 m2012
Wells Fargo PlazaHouston71302 m1983
Kingdom CentreRiyadh32302 m2002
Gate to the EastSuzhou74302 m2013
Capital City Moscow Tower [Capital City]Moscow76302 m2010
Doosan Haeundae We've the Zenith Tower ABusan80301 m2011
Aspire Tower [Sport City]Doha36300 m2007
Abeno Harukas [Abeno Redevelopment Project]Osaka60300 m2014
Arraya Center Office Tower [Arraya Centre]Kuwait City60300 m2009
Gran Torre Santiago [Costanera Center]Santiago60300 m2013
One Island East Centre [Taikoo Place]Hong Kong69298 m2008
First Canadian Place [First Canadian Place]Toronto72298 m1976
Shanghai Wheelock SquareShanghai58298 m2010
Eureka TowerMelbourne91297 m2006
Four World Trade Center [New World Trade Center]New York City72297 m2013
Comcast Center [Pennsylvania Plaza]Philadelphia57297 m2008
Yokohama Landmark TowerYokohama73296 m1993
Emirates CrownDubai63296 m2008
Khalid Al Attar Tower 2Dubai65294 m2010
Central Park Office Tower [Central Park Towers Plot 08]Dubai49294 m
Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & TowerPanama City68293 m2011
311 South WackerChicago65293 m1990
Haeundae I'Park Marina Tower 2Busan72292 m2011
SEG PlazaShenzhen70292 m2000
American International BuildingNew York City66290 m1932
Busan International Finance Center Landmark TowerBusan63289 m2014
Global Trade PlazaDongguan68289 m2013
Key Tower [Key Center]Cleveland57289 m1991
Park Hyatt GuangzhouGuangzhou66288 m2013


For example, do we take in account spires and antennas? To end this discussion, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat made a compromise. They defined 4 categories for measuring tall buildings;
- Height to the structural or architectural top.
- Height to the highest occupied floor.
- Height to the top of the roof.
- Height to the top of antenna.
Criteria for Inclusion on the List of 100 Tallest Buildings by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
This data was gathered and/or supplied by members and representatives of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat who represent world leaders in the field of the built environment, including research, industry, and education.
What defines a building (as opposed to a tower)? A "building" is considered to be a structure that is designed for residential, business, or manufacturing purposes. An essential characteristic of a building is that it has floors. Note that towers are NOT included in the list. Although a number of tall buildings on this list have "Tower" in their name—the famous Petronas Towers, for example—none are technically towers.
When does a building appear on the list? When a building is "topped out"—the point of construction when the structure has met its proposed structural top (see height definition below)—the building is officially ranked and is placed on the list.
Height The height of a building is measured from the sidewalk level of the main entrance to the structural top of the building. This includes spires, but does not include television antennas, radio antennas, or flag poles. Height is listed in both meters and feet and is rounded to the nearest integer. This is the official criterion used by the Council in determining ranking.
In many cases, the height of a building is supplied to the Council using only one unit of measure (either feet or meters). Based on the exact value of the unit supplied, the other unit’s value is mathematically calculated, then rounded to the nearest integer. The final determinant in ranking a building’s height is the footage—not meters—because of footage’s smaller (and therefore more precise) incremental value.
Rank Ranking is determined by height to the structural top of the building (see above). If there is a tie, the building with the larger number of stories is ranked higher. If a tie still remains, the building which was completed first is ranked higher. If a tie would still remain, the buildings would be ranked alphabetically.
Year The year in which construction of the building was officially completed. “UC” stands for Under Construction. For a building that is currently under construction to appear on the list it must be “topped out.”
Information Please® Database, © 2007 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.