Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First-hand Accounts of the Visayas Earthquake


400 year old tower collapsed in Bohol.
ANCcredit/Photo By Robert Michael Poole (@tokyodrastic on Twitter)
click link :http://anc.yahoo.com/photos/magnitude-7-2-quake-hits-visayas-mindanao-photo-1381802669569.html

Triathlete shares photos of devastation and his experience in quake-hit Bohol
TV commercial Director Sid Maderazo shared online his composite photo of the damage on Bohol roads, bridges, houses and churches after the quake. He also posted a photo of how the centuries-old Baclayon church looked like before and after the tremor.
Maderazo was biking with friends when the quake struck and he said the shaking was so strong one of his friends was knocked off his bike.
When ANC was interviewing Maderazo this afternoon, Maderazo was feeling some tremors still. He was at the airport waiting for his flight. He said some people there were trying to go outside the building to go out into an open area.
please click the link  to watch the complete video clippings:  http://anc.yahoo.com/news/first-hand-accounts-of-the-visayas-quake-052751429.html

Banana Split cast and crew recount quake experience in Bohol
Kapamilya actor Jayson Gainza and his crew were inside a bus when the powerful earthquake rocked Bohol. In a video clip he sent to ABS-CBN, the Banana Split cast and crew were seen rushing out of their vehicle to seek a safety.

Gainza said at least one person may have died from the collapse of a portion of a building in the area.
Gainza and the other cast members of Banana Split stayed in an open area near the Tagbiliran City Hall as aftershocks shook the area. The actor said they felt at least 5 aftershocks as of 11:46 pm.

Meantime, Cynthia Jordan, Production Manager of Banana Split said they were all safe. Jordan says buidings were caving in, "Talaga pong bagsak," she told ANC. 

Renato Solidum, Director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, said a Magnitude 7 quake is equivalent to the energy of 32 Hiroshima atomic bombs.
please click the link  to watch the complete video clippings:  http://anc.yahoo.com/news/first-hand-accounts-of-the-visayas-quake-052751429.html

Church in Loboc, Bohol collapses due to quake
The centuries-old Loboc Church in Bohol collapsed as a result of the quake.

Robert Michael Poole, the Japan Bureau Chief for Blouin Artinfo, an online site for arts and culture was visiting Bohol when the earthquake struck. 
He posted on his Twitter account photos of the collapsed church, as well as houses damaged by the tremor.
please click the link  to watch the complete video clippings:  http://anc.yahoo.com/news/first-hand-accounts-of-the-visayas-quake-052751429.html

Gov. Chatto: Monitoring water levels, but no expected tsunami in Bohol
Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto said the strong quake damaged several old structures in the province including churches and government buildings.

Chatto added they are monitoring all the areas in the province for reports of damage.

Chatto meanwhile advised the public not to panic saying a tsunami is unlikely.
please click the link  to watch the complete video clippings:  http://anc.yahoo.com/news/first-hand-accounts-of-the-visayas-quake-052751429.html

Cebu may declare state of calamity following earthquake
The local government of Cebu may declare a state of calamity following the powerful earthquake that struck the province this morning. 

Governor Hilario Davide III said teams have already been sent to affected areas. Initial reports reaching him indicate one person was killed in Mandaue.

A child also died in a stampede in midwestern Cebu while 5others were hurt.

Davide said a distribution program was being held at a gymnasium when the earthquake occured. About a thousand people were at the distribution center.
source and please click the link  to watch the complete video clippings:  http://anc.yahoo.com/news/first-hand-accounts-of-the-visayas-quake-052751429.html