Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Apologizes for Offensive Instagram Photo Mocking Oscar De La Hoya’s Addiction

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Floyd Mayweather (R) taunts Oscar De La Hoya before their 2007 fight (Getty Images)
Several times last week after Oscar De La Hoya announced in a statement that he had relapsed and had entered a rehab facility to treat an alcohol addiction, Floyd Mayweather made public statements supportive of De La Hoya and wished him well.
He even did so Saturday at the post-fight news conference after he routed Canelo Alvarez (I don't care what C.J. Ross thought) in their super welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand.
That is why it was strange when Mayweather released a photo Monday on his Instagram account mocking De La Hoya. It was a photo of a red-eyed De La Hoya. Above his picture were the words, "MEANWHILE IN REHAB," and below it said 'OSCAR: "I gave Canelo the wrong Blueprint. I was high.'
It was an incredibly mean and nasty post. But several hours later, the photo was deleted and Mayweather issued a statement via his publicist.
It's unfortunate that a stupid picture was posted to my Instagram account earlier today that was not posted by me or authorized by me to post.
As I clearly stated during my fight week and again in the post-fight press conference, I completely support Oscar De La Hoya and his family during this difficult time in his life. Although we have had our differences in the past, I stand by him unconditionally and would never personally disrespect him or anyone who struggles with addiction.
I apologize to Oscar and his family for this posting. I wish him well and am rooting for him to win his fight too. I also apologize to all of my followers for this ridiculous post. I have no ill-will towards anyone and have repeatedly stated that I only seek positivity in my life and for others.
It was a wise move by Mayweather to delete the post and issue a public apology. Hopefully, he also will do a better job of choosing who to allow to post things on his personal social media accounts. Mayweather has been very honest with the fact that he does not personally post on either Twitter or Instragram, but has employees do so for him. Given the lapse in judge by one of his Money Team employees, he needs to do a far better job screening the people who will post under his name.

This meme was posted to Floyd Mayweather's Instagram account on Monday. (Credit: Floyd Mayweather's Instagram  …
My personal note as When the photo was deleted right away upon reaching his awareness. He (Floyd Mayweather issued a public apology which is a sign of humility and I hope this will be the start since in his present status of success, God gave him the chance to stay on top where every athlete dared and hopelessly cling on but failed  and some there is no way either from bottom going to the top or on top but there is no way but to go down or to stay on top. They may say a lot about Mayweather as I can see he must be saying his prayers right and he only shows on the facade of his tough image. And I only hope that he will never beat another person who is not up to his level especially women.