Friday, September 27, 2013

4 Secrets to Getting Rid of High Credit Card Debt

If you're like millions of Americans or of any Nationalities. You've got credit card debt you need to reduce - or get rid of completely, but you don't know where to start. The good news is, you have a variety of legal debt relief options that, could not only help to remove stress, but potentially save you a substantial amount of money.
Depending on your current financial situation, credit card companies may agree to:
  • reduce your interest rates
  • waive late fees and penalties
  • lower your payments
  • settle your debt for less than you owe
Here are four things you can do today to start freeing yourself from credit card debt. As you review this quick checklist, you may start to feel like a weight has been lifted right off your shoulders.
1. Avoid the monthly minimum "pay for life" trap. Check your monthly credit card statements. You may be shocked to discover how much interest you're paying on each card. If possible, pay more than the monthly minimums on each of your cards - but especially those high interest cards designed to keep you on the debt treadmill forever.
2.Keep your credit cards outside of easy reach. The worst thing you can do to get out of credit card debt is to continue piling on even more debt! The bottom line: As you stop supporting the credit card companies by taking on more debt - and pay down your existing debt - you may be surprised to see just how quickly your debt begins to disappear.
3. Use your debit card before your credit cards. Carrying around plastic can be a convenient way to pay, and even helps help track purchases, but the smart plastic to carry is a debit card, not a credit card. Taking advantage of your debit card gives you convenient access to the money you actually have in your account - and it's a great way to avoid buying into the deadly trap of "buy now, pay later."
4. Know your debt relief options. If personal difficulties have caused you to go deep into credit cards and other debts, you need to know that there are a variety of debt relief options available to you, in addition to bankruptcy: You have the right to:
  • Call the credit card companies to request relief via lower interest rates or through debt forgiveness which could help reduce your credit card debt substantially.
  • Choose a debt management plan which could consolidate debts, reduce interest rates, and lower payments. See how much you could save
  • Choose a debt settlement or debt negotiation plan which could help you "settle" debts for substantially less than you owe. See how much you could save
Now that you know the keys to freeing yourself from credit card debt, you can get started on the path to becoming debt free!

MY  Reminder: This is a case to case basis that varies credit card company's policy as well as law on your country and the forms you had signed. So better read the Terms and Conditions as much as you can until it will sink in to your mind before signing any documents  and submitting Identification cards or documents because as they say prevention is the best cure. Live within your means but better still live below your means.
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Source:                 Note: This article which was only upon this source's company suggestions. I did not post entirely what the original writer suggested I only published what I understand and if applicable in some countries.