Monday, July 22, 2013

Reasons for Male Stretch Marks-

Reasons for Male Stretch Mark

According to Medical News Today, men are just as likely as women to get stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by a hormonal imbalance that changes how the skin produces collagen. While this imbalance typically occurs in pregnant women, both men and women can develop stretch marks.                credit pic to

Hormonal Imbalance

  • A hormonal imbalance can be triggered by a range of activities that can cause stretch marks. Reasons for stretch marks in men include undergoing rapid growth as adolescents, athletes bulking up quickly to build muscle and undergoing fast weight loss or gain. Nutritional deficiency can also cause stretch marks in men.

Strength Training

  • It is more common for men to develop stretch marks during strength training because they tend to gain muscle mass more quickly than women. Body builders taking supplements to speed the development of muscle mass may develop more stretch marks than men who do not engage in this type of exercise.
Affected Areas

  • Men who lift weights will typically develop stretch marks on their shoulders because this is the part of the body where the greatest muscle development typically occurs. Stretch marks caused by rapid weight gain or loss are typically found on the arms, legs and buttocks.


  • Stretch marks in men can be treated with creams and moisturizers designed to repair the skin and rebuild collagen needed to accommodate the stretched skin caused by new muscle mass and rapid changes in weight. Various cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels and dermabrasion can also reduce the visibility of stretch marks.