Saturday, June 8, 2013

Subscribe to Globe DUO Korea

Why Subscribe to Globe Duo Korea?

Globe and TM subscribers in the Philippines may also register to Globe DUO Korea via SMS for only Php999/month or Php399/week. Just text DUOKOREA999 OR DUOKOREA399 and send to 8888
  • If you're in Korea/ also as OFW, no extra cost when calling the Globe DUO Korea number in the Philippines.
  • It works on ANY mobile phone – no need for data connection or stay in front of a computer or laptop or use special device or handset to receive calls.
Korean residents and Globe and TM subscribers may purchase DUO Korea through the Globe website.
Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers in the Philippines may also register to Globe DUO Korea via SMS for only Php999 for monthly package or Php399 for weekly package. Just text DUOKOREA 999 or DUOKOREA 399 and send to 8888.
Or via *143#.
1. Dial *143# and press "Call" button
2. Select" 4 Int'l & Roaming"
3. Select "1 International Call and Text Promos"
4. Choose "9 Duo Int'l Korea"

For Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers only
The Fair Use Policy of Globe is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers all over the world. It is intended to ensure that all customers will have the equal opportunity to enjoy the services offered by Globe. As such, the Fair Use Policy may be used to protect Globe customers against entities or persons utilizing Globe services in a manner that runs counter to the intent of the product or service, fraudulent, or exceeding normal standards of use.In your purchase or use of our products and service, you accept our Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by the policy.
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Globe DUO Korea assigns a Korea number to a Globe mobile number of your choice in the Philippines, so you can call them anytime without worrying of cost. Calling a Duo Korea number is just like any other number within Korea.