Thursday, June 6, 2013

GSIS College Scholarship Program In Philippines for Next School Year

Government Service Insurance System offers GSIS College Scholarship Program in Philippines. Applicants should be incoming college freshmen-dependents of GSIS members who have been accepted in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) with its own charter or a school qualified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This year GSIS will award scholarships to 300 scholars in celebration of its 75th anniversary. A scholar will get actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees but not to exceed P20, 000.00 per term and a monthly stipend of P2, 000.00 during his/her 4- or 5-year course. Scholarship form should be submitted to the nearest GSIS office. 
About Scholarship: The GSIS is happy to announce the opening of the GSIS College Scholarship Program. Under the revised guidelines, all active GSIS members with premium payments for the last six (6) months may nominate scholars. 
Study: These GSIS 2013/14 scholarships are provided to learn any of the course offered by the HEI.
Course Level: Undergraduate degree
Scholarship By: Government Service Insurance System
Location: Philippines 
-Dependents of all active and regular GSIS members at the time of application with premium payments for the last six (6) months and are permanent employees in the government with at least three (3) years of service and with salary grade of 24 or below or its equivalent job level.
-Incoming college freshmen-dependents who have been accepted in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) with its own charter or a school qualified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Levels IV and III, Autonomous or Deregulated. 
Scholarship Open for: The students of Philippines can apply 
Number of awards: 300 
Duration: 2013/14 scholarships shall be in force for the duration of the 4 or 5 year course chosen by the scholar, unless earlier terminated due to failure of the scholar to comply with the GSIS Scholarship Program Terms and Conditions and/or the school’s rules and regulations. 
Value: A scholar shall be entitled to the following benefits during his/her 4- or 5-year course:
-Actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees but not to exceed P20,000.00 per term (not to include summer classes but may include trimesters, provided that the course is finished within the regular duration prescribed by the school for that course);
-A monthly stipend of P2,000.00.
-All payments of benefits shall be coursed through the school where the scholar is enrolled. Any amount in excess of the maximum benefits provided above shall be borne by the scholar.
-The scholar has the option to receive his/her stipend either through the school or directly from the GSIS Central Office. The scholar must submit to the GSIS Central Office within sixty (60) days, after each Term, the certified true copy of all his/her grades for the just concluded term together with the school billing statement and official receipts of the current term to Human Resources Administration Department (HRAD) for evaluation and processing.
-Failure to comply with the given 60-day requirement will automatically forfeit his/her claim for that billing period, unless a written notice stating the reason for the delay is submitted within the same period to HRAD for evaluation. In case of reimbursement wherein payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees has already been made, the scholar shall be required to submit the original copy of official receipt together with the assessment/billing statement.
-In case the original copy of the registration form is not available, the scholar is required to submit a letter addressed to the HR Officer IV, HRAD, stating the reason why this could not be produced.
- If the school determines that the scholar is no longer qualified to continue his/her studies in the University/College, the GSIS should be notified of such fact.If the scholar is no longer qualified to continue his/her studies under the GSIS Scholarship Contract, a written notice thereof shall be issued to the scholar and his/her school relative to the termination of his/her scholarship grant.
Selection Criteria: A parent-member who meets the above mentioned qualifications and has the lowest annual basic salary based on GSIS Member Service Profile database shall be given priority. 
Notification: The nominees shall be notified through phone, mail and/or text message of the result of the evaluation. The list of chosen scholars shall be posted in the GSIS website and published in at least one newspaper of general circulation.
HOW TO Apply: Duly accomplished application forms must be submitted to the nearest GSIS office for processing together with the following:
-Certificate of employment of the member; and
-Certification from the school that the scholar-designee is accepted as an incoming college freshman this AY 2017-2018)
The scholar-designee must be a child of the GSIS member and is allowed to be nominated once. 

Update: This is an old article but you can check on GSIS  website the schedule on submission and deadline of requirements .
Deadline:  (AY 2017and -2018)/INCOMING COLLEGE STUDENTS that the Deadline SHOULD BE CHECKED ON THEIR WEBSITE..   
Further Information:
DepEd Advisory No. 183, s. 2013 
May 9, 2013
In compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2013 
this Advisory is issued for the information of DepEd officials, 
personnel/staff, as well as the concerned public. 
The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is now accepting applications 
for the enhanced GSIS Scholarship Program (GSP) for Academic Year (AY) 2013-2014. 
The Program aims to provide low-income GSIS members the opportunity to 
send their children to colleges and universities which will provide them quality 
The permanent employees of the Department of Education (DepEd) including its 
attached agencies who are regular members of GSIS at the time of application, with at 
least three years in service, salary grade of 24 or below (or its equivalent job level) may 
nominate their children to the GSP until May 31, 2013. The nominee of a parentmember who has the lowest annual basic salary will be given priority in the 
scholarship grant. The nominee must be an incoming college freshman who has been 
accepted in any of the schools identified by the pension fund. 
For AY 2013-2014, a total of 200 slots will be granted. Each scholar will be 
entitled to the actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees not exceeding Twenty 
Thousand Pesos (P 20,000.00) and a monthly stipend of Two Thousand Pesos 
(P 2,000.00). The scholars may opt to take a four or five year course, provided that 
they meet the scholastic requirements set by the school for student retention. 
 The complete list of GSIS-accredited educational institutions, the application 
form and the program’s guidelines are downloadable in the GSIS website:le in the GSIS website: or may be secured from any GSIS Office.